day 8 (my greatest challenge)

Entering this language unit i started out with a great advantage.   The language i chose, spanish, i already had immense background knowledge.  All the knowledge i gained before starting this unit i gained from someone who spoke the language fluently and could answer any question i had.  The internet has many answers but lacks some.  For example,  on day four i was having much trouble with the irregular past tense verbs.  I typed my questions in the computer and only received ambiguous or irrelevant answers.  that i would have to say is my greatest challenge. having questions and not always being able to receive a complete, relevant answer.


day 7 (visual)

Today in the language lab i watched some clips of the popular cartoon spongebob in Spanish.  This was actually a big challenge.  The dialogue was very fast and it was quite difficult to understand  what the characters were saying.  From what i could gather from the video and the bits of words i could understand, the episode was about spongebob saving the restaurant he works for.  This greatly expanded my visual interpenetration of spanish TV.  When i go home i will try to watch the news in Spanish try expand my knowledge even greater!

My culture (day 6)

hola! mi nobre es ryan y soy nicaraguence y american.  Yo nací en los Estados Unidos, mi mama tambien.  mi papá nació en corinto Nicaragua.  mi cultura es uina cultura muy unico.  con influencias de la tradición de Nicaragua y influencias nueveo de america.  yo como las comidas ordinarios.  No como mucha comida de nicaragua.  mi papa no le gusta cocinar.  Todo mi familia y yo somos cristiano.  Nos celebramos la navidad y pascua cada ano.  me gusta mucho mi cultura!

Day 5 (advanced adjectives) (speaking)

Today in the language lab i leaned some new more advanced spanish adjectives.  Some new adjectives i learned were, cool, gossipy, vain, and poor.  I also learned how to turn most verbs to an adjective by adding an ando or aron to regualar ar verbs.  I can now say he is talkative instead of he talks a lot.  here are some examples,  El hablando todos los dias,  ella no tienes una amiga chismosa.

Valentines Day Post (Days 3 and 4) (writing)

Para mi amor,tu amor me despierta por la mañana.  tu sonrisa me hace sonreír.  No me podía imaginar mi vida sin ti.  Es por ello que mostrar mi amor por ti todos los días.  hoy es el día de San Valentín.  todos los días trato de te tratan como una reina, pero hoy quiero hacerte sentir como una diosa.  Puedo ver que tenemos un futuro juntos, y espero que tú sientas lo mismo.  si alguna vez se rompen, dejar un poco de morfina en la puerta. Porque se necesitaría una montón de medicamentos, para revivir que lo que teníamos, nosotros ya no esta.  Lo único que quiero que sepas es que te quiero con todo mi corazón.  te quiero.

Day 2 (reading and speaking in the past tense)

Today i practiced writing the preterite of regular er/ir verbs. I found an excellent website called which allows me to practice all aspects of Spanish.  Today i focused on writing and making sure i am using the proper verb conjugations.  I have learned today how to talk about things in the past using er/ir verbs.  This will greatly broaden my vocabulary.  Now i could say “I read each night” ” yo leo cada noche”

Day One Of My Not So New Language

Today. February 5, 2013 I started to expand my knowledge of the Spanish language.  Today I leaned how to conjugate “ar” verbs in the preterite tense.  The preterite tense is used to describe verbs in the past.  For example i f i wanted to say, “I went to the woods last summer.” i would say “Fui al bosque durante el veranbo pasado.”  Here the verb is voy, which means to go.  Voy is an irregular verb, this is why the personal conjugation is fui, the spelling is very different.  learning how to use the preterite tense will greatly expand my ability to speak in Spanish.  Up until this point i have only been able to comfortably speak in the present tense.  This means i could only talk about things happening right now.  I can now talk about things that happened in the past.  This will immensity benefit my ability to speak to others in Spanish.