Advanced colors (day 14)

Today in the language lab i decided to learn some more colors, but colors that were more complex then just green, blue, red, and yellow.  I learned 10 new colors in total. 

  • Amarillo Claro- pale yellow
  • Anil – indigo
  • Azul Celeste – Sky blue
  • violeta – violet
  • sepia – light brown
  • malva – mauve
  • Magenta – Majenta
  • Azul zafiro – Sappire
  • Cardinal – scarlet
  • Caqui – Khaki



Present Perfect (day 13)

The present perfect is a new tense i learned today.  This tense is like none i have ever seen before.  The verbs them selves do no change much.  What is conjugated to identify the person or people being spoken to is the “helping” verb haber that goes in front of each verb.  Haber is conjugated to he has ha hamos and han.  Then the second verb an ado or ido is added to the end.  Er/ir verbs receive an ido at the end while ar verbs recieve an ado.  For example,  if I wanted to say, :i have ran a marathon”.  It would be. “Yo he corrido un maratón”Image

Por Vs. Para (day 12)

Today in the language lab i learned the different uses of the words por and para.  Both these words mean for but are used for many different purposes.  Today i learned that you uses por when indicating duration, reason or motive, emotion, and exchange.  Para is used to indicate; purpose, opinion, recipient, destination, and deadline.  In addition i learned a few everyday expressions that por and para are used in.  For example, por supuesto means of course.  Dia por dia means, day by day.Image

Day 11 (speaking)

Today i recorded myself speaking a little bit of Spanish.  I included all parts of speech; nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives.  This is a great reflection of my knowledge when it come to Spanish.  The following is a link to a website i created about my high school portfolio.  On the page you will see…Image


Click download file.  Depending on your browser, the file will either play in a new tab or it will download to your computer.  If it downloads to your computer you can listen to it using windows media player.  Here is the link.

the 10 day language lab anniversary (Conocer vs. saber)

Today has most certainly been one of my most challenging days in the language lab.  Today i began to learn the true differences between the verbs conocer and saber.  Both these verbs mean to know, but they have different uses.  I figured out the main use for conocer is to know someone of something, used with pronouns and nouns.  I learned saber is used to know how to do something, like i would use saber to say i know how to put out a fire, yo se apagar un inendio.  I would use conocer to say something like, i know Mr. Awono, yo conozco Senor Awono.


day 9 ( mas practica con hablando)

I felt i needed more practice with speaking and listening .  today in the language lab i listened to some spanish music and some spanish radio.  Once again the dialogue was very fast and difficult to understand.  I believe i am getting better with each passing day.  As they say, “practice makes perfect”  And practice is what i shall do.  Also i learned a new word,  esperer, to hope.