Language Lab Reflection (day 30)

My time in the language lab has helped me immensely.  I have gained many independent learning skills that i believe will help me greatly throughout college and the rest of my life.  Lacking the instructional hand and voice of a teacher has taught me to be independent, and to take my education into my own hands, a skill that many students lack because of teachers holding their hands every step of the way.  Over the past few months i have expanded not only my knowledge of Spanish but my knowledge in general.  I have never done anything like the language lab before.  Every class i have taken up until this point has offered me some challenge but in the back of my mind i always knew that there was a teacher i could go to for help or explanation.  For the first time, i truly took charge of what i learned.  I decided what i wanted to learn, when I wanted to learn,  and how i wanted to learn.  I will not sit here and say it was easy, because it was not.  If there was a concept you didn’t understand or a word you never heard of, there was no one to ask, only the internet.  Although, the internet is a better teacher than you might expect.  In the language lab i discovered parts of the internet i had never seen or heard of before,  i found that every question had an answer, it was just a matter of finding it.  The only regret that i have is i don’t have much more time, but that is the wonderful thing about this.  It is not a class or something that i have to do, it is something i can continue, even after this is over.  It has been fun and educational but my journey here is coming to an end.  I will always remember what i did here these last few months and i will always carry with me the skills i learned.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading all of my posts.  Thank you for this, without IB this would never have been possible.  This is the final post.



El cuerpo (day 29)

Today in the language lab i learned some new vocab that has to do with the inside of the human body.  I knew most of the available words.  these are new ones that i learned today.

el cerebro
el pulmón
el corazón
el hígado
el estómago
el riñón
la vejiga
la arteria
la vena

Workshop (day 28)

Today in the language lab i visited a very good website called study spanish.  They have alot of new vocab that i have never studied.   Today I learned some vocab words that have to do with a workshop.  These are the words I learned.

el serrucho de carpintero
carpenter’s saw
la sierra para metales
la sierra de calar
coping saw
el formón
la escofina
la lima
la cinta métrica
tape measure
el martillo
la llave inglesa, la llave
el destornillador
la caja de herramientas
los alicates
el tornillo
clamp, vise, screw

El Bano (day 27)

Today in the language lab i refreshed my knowledge on the elements of the bathroom.  I relearned what a bathtub, toilet, etc was.

la bañera
el excusado
el lavamanos
el botiquín
medicine cabinet
el jabón
la toalla
el cortinero
curtain rod
el gorro de baño
shower cap
la ducha
la jabonera
soap dish
la esponja
el champú
el desagüe

crimen (day 26)

Today in the language lab i learned some new vocab that has to do with crime.  We have begun a justice unit in my spanish class.  I thought i would share some of the words i learned from study spanish.

el juez
el jurado
el testigo
el acusador
el abogado
el acusado
la cárcel
la sospecha
las esposas
el policía
la policía
police force
la pistola

Even Newer Tense! (day 25)

Today in the language lab i practiced with the new tense i learned, el future perfecto.  As we know the present perfect is used to show what we have done.  The future perfect is used to demonstrate what you will do.  For example, if i wanted to say, “i will talk at the convention”  It would be,” habér hablado en la convención”

New Tenses (day 24)

The past progressive, or, el pasado progresivo.  This tense changes the present progressive to the past.  For example, If i said i am talking, esta hablando, that would be the present.  If i wanted to say i was talking, it would be, estaba hablando.  Learning this tense allowed me to build upon my prior knowledge of a tense.  This is a skill that can easily aid me if i ever find myself in a country where i need to learn the native language.  Building upon proir knowledge is very important and i am very happy i was able to do this today.