Language Lab Reflection (day 30)

My time in the language lab has helped me immensely.  I have gained many independent learning skills that i believe will help me greatly throughout college and the rest of my life.  Lacking the instructional hand and voice of a teacher has taught me to be independent, and to take my education into my own hands, a skill that many students lack because of teachers holding their hands every step of the way.  Over the past few months i have expanded not only my knowledge of Spanish but my knowledge in general.  I have never done anything like the language lab before.  Every class i have taken up until this point has offered me some challenge but in the back of my mind i always knew that there was a teacher i could go to for help or explanation.  For the first time, i truly took charge of what i learned.  I decided what i wanted to learn, when I wanted to learn,  and how i wanted to learn.  I will not sit here and say it was easy, because it was not.  If there was a concept you didn’t understand or a word you never heard of, there was no one to ask, only the internet.  Although, the internet is a better teacher than you might expect.  In the language lab i discovered parts of the internet i had never seen or heard of before,  i found that every question had an answer, it was just a matter of finding it.  The only regret that i have is i don’t have much more time, but that is the wonderful thing about this.  It is not a class or something that i have to do, it is something i can continue, even after this is over.  It has been fun and educational but my journey here is coming to an end.  I will always remember what i did here these last few months and i will always carry with me the skills i learned.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading all of my posts.  Thank you for this, without IB this would never have been possible.  This is the final post.



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